Technical FAQ

How do I run a Pre-boot system assessment or Diagnostics on my Dell laptop or desktop?

• Reboot your computer
• Tap on the F12 key repeatedly until the boot option menu appears
• Choose diagnostics on a laptop computer or hard drive diagnostics on a desktop computer

Why will my computer not boot to windows?

• Retry re-booting the system. Prior to re-booting remove the battery and power cable. Hold down the power button to remove any charge from the motherboard. You can now replace the battery and power cable and re-boot. The same process is used for both a laptop or desktop. • If computer will not boot, call 1.800.891.8595, or email

Why will my computer not power on or complete the self-test (No Power on Self-Test)?

• Check all the power cables to ensure that they are tightly secured into the computer system
• Check the wall outlet to ensure that it has power
• Check for any damage to the power ac adapter, cables or power connector on the computer
• Remove and replace all components (wireless card, memory, hard drive or optical drive) on laptops securely and try re-booting the system. Instructions on how to do this can be found under "manuals" for your system
• Confirm that the AC adapter on the laptop has a green LED and does not flicker or go out when plugged into the system
• Confirm that desktop unit has power, fans are spinning and there green diagnostics LEDs seen during the Power-On Self-Test
• If computer will not boot, call 1.800.891.8595, or email

Why does my battery not charge?

• Ensure that the battery has been reseated and the latest BIOS have been installed. BIOS can be found for your unit in the "drivers and downloads" section on
• Because there are many reasons why a battery may not charge we suggest you try visit this dell link:

How do I condition the battery to get a better charge?

• Fully charge the battery
• Power up the system
• Go into the CMOS setup by hitting "F2" on power up.
• Run the battery down while staying in the setup screen until the unit completely dies.
• Repeat the process at least 3 times, to get better battery performance.

My battery does not seem to be charging. How long does it to take to charge my battery?

• Normally it takes two hours to charge the battery if you are not operating the system. If the battery does not seem to be charging, cycle the battery. In other words, discharge then recharge it again!
• Unplug the laptop from the AC adapter and turn it on.
• Let the computer run under battery power until the laptop turns off.
• Remove the battery pack.
• Using a soft cloth, wipe off the battery packs connectors and the AC adapter connectors.
• Re-insert the battery pack.
• Plug the computer into the AC adapter and check the wall outlet, making sure the connection is firm.
• With the PC turned off, let the battery charge until the battery status light or icon glows green.
• Unplug the AC adapter.
• Remove the battery.
• Wait 30 seconds and re-insert the battery.
• Plug the AC adapter back in.
• Let the battery recharge until the battery status light turns green or the icon displays 100%.
• Now your battery should be fully charged.
• Unplug the laptop from the AC wall outlet and turn it on.

Why does my DVD reader not play a movie?

• Our units do not ship with DVD application software. However, DVD drives shipped with our products will allow you to view/browse a data DVD. To enhance your system to play DVD movies you will need to purchase a DVD play software package or Codec. Many media player programs can be upgraded to play a movie industry DVD.
• If you still have questions, call 1.800.891.8595, or email .
• Look under Helpful Links for DVD decoder software producers.